The Top 5 BEST Sites for Finding and Applying for Jobs in Finance

There’s a ridiculous amount of websites where you can find a job, and the ones you see advertised on TV are the absolute LAST ones you should be looking on.

This is comprehensive list of the best sites for finding jobs in finance. It’s a short list, but its comprehensive. There’s really not a lot of them.

1. The Local University Career Board

This is the number one starting point. If you’re already a student at the school, you’re set. If you’re an alum of the school, purchase whatever package you need (or borrow your friend’s ID) and apply. (If you’re borrowing your friends ID to get access, you probably should reach out to the company directly instead of applying through his login).

Here’s a nifty little trick that a friend of mine told me about. Get access to another school’s job board. So let’s say you go to UCLA and you’ve applied for most of the jobs on BruinView. We’ll theres that little school across the 10 freeway called USC that I’m sure has a ton of DIFFERENT job postings. Companies have their preferences of schools they recruit from, and that’s probably the easiest objection to overcome.  Even if the school you’re trying to get access to wouldn’t even consider letting you in as a student, figure out a way to get access to that job board. Don’t apply through those sites, contact the company directly.

If you’re  way out of school, or looking for a career change, same rules apply. There are a ton of postings looking for the “perfect experienced candidate.” Just be ready to accept the “fresh out of school” salary level.


This is the perfect job site. It’s the Google of job boards, it searches and indexes all job listsings, whether they are listed on, bank of america’s website or the website of the wealth management shop down the street. Indeed is magical in how useful it is. Try out a few different searches to get what matches, and most importantly, set alerts.


This site has listings by category which makes it pretty useful if you know exactly what you want to get into. Everything listed here is generally on the higher end of the spectrum of finance jobs, it typically doesn’t list jobs from smaller or medium sized firms.

4. LinkedIn

This one is more applicable for experienced candidates, but its worth a look. Utilize different keywords to find something that works for you. Save time by clicking the filter on the left side and filter by experience level.  Bonus points if you’ve been doing your networking, underneath the job posting in the search will show one of your connections that knows somebody at the firm. 🙂

5. Craigslist

Believe it or not, this is a pretty good resource to check out, a lot of local shops will usually post their listings under the finance section. It makes sense if you think about it, this generation has grown up on craigslist. I talked to a guy at a company who told me that they listed an ad on craigslist, and he said that they tried all different job boards but craigslist continuously delivered the best candidate applications.