Financial Modeling Training

Whether you’re a liberal arts or finance major, this self study course is a necessity for all who plan to enter the finance world, whether you’re interested in investment banking, accounting, business valuation or equity research. From this course you will gain an intricate knowledge of constructing financial models with Excel and understand the difficult to grasp concepts of the valuation of a business. You will gain an HUGE edge as a candidate in finance interviews and, once you land the job, be a productive analyst from day one. This course is what your University didn’t teach you, we apply everything you learned in your finance courses to how it’s done on the job.

Highlights of this self-study package

  • DCF, Public Company Method and Comparable Transaction Method Modeling
  • Comprehensive discussion on valuation theory and practice
  • 500+ pages of step-by-step tutorials and instruction
  • Excel model templates and completed models on CD
  • Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet

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